The full list of built-in header files

These header files are available in Metashell:

metashell/formatter/deque.hpp Defines formatting for boost::mpl::deque values
metashell/formatter/list.hpp Defines formatting for boost::mpl::list values
metashell/formatter/map.hpp Defines formatting for boost::mpl::map values
metashell/formatter/set.hpp Defines formatting for boost::mpl::set values
metashell/formatter/vector.hpp Defines formatting for boost::mpl::vector values
metashell/formatter.hpp Defines formatting for boost::mpl::deque, boost::mpl::list, boost::mpl::map, boost::mpl::set and boost::mpl::vector values.
metashell/instantiate_expression.hpp Defines the METASHELL_INSTANTIATE_EXPRESSION(...) macro. This can be used to instantiate the templates needed by the ... expression.
metashell/scalar.hpp Defines the SCALAR macro.