Creating a Metashell release

Here are the steps of creating a release of Metashell:

  • Change Not in any release yet to Version <version> in docs/about/
  • Set the release number in CMakeLists.txt in the source root. It is defined by the MAJOR_VERSION, MINOR_VERSION and PATCH_VERSION variables.
  • Download and build the code following the simple build steps on all supported platforms.
    • Note that 32 and 64 bit builds are provided on most Linux platforms (On OpenSuSE only 64 bit is supported).
    • Ubuntu: build for the latest version and the latest LTS (they might be the same)
    • Debian: build for the latest stable version
    • Fedora and OpenSuSE: build for the latest versions
  • When compilation or the tests fail for any of the platforms, fix it and start over again.
  • Test the installer on each platform (and each version, each 32/64 bitness):
    • Install Metashell on a newly installed system
    • Copy the system test binaries over to the host (they have no dependencies)
    • Run the system tests against the installed binaries
    • Run the manual tests
  • If installation or testing fails, fix it and start building the installers again
  • Tag the latest commit with v<version number>.
  • Push the tag to Github
  • Make a release from the tag on Github
  • Add a new section to the beginning of Binary installers with the Github download links.